Borrowing money without a credit assessment with payment

If you want to borrow money without a credit check assessment with a benefit, you first have to list a number of things before applying for a loan.

If you do not do this, you will undoubtedly hit your nose and your application will be rejected immediately, so it is better to read it carefully first and after you think you meet the conditions, you are ready to apply for a loan. For borrowing money without credit check review, there is always a restriction with regard to the maximum amount that you can borrow. If you want a larger amount, however, there are still solutions to be found.

Borrow money without credit check assessment with payment

Borrow money without BKR assessment with payment

Many people are currently looking for borrowing money without a credit check because they have been registered with the credit check in the past and therefore no longer qualify for any kind of loan. But luckily there is still an opening for this group of people to make it possible to borrow a small amount.

With a small amount I am talking about a maximum of 800 euros which you can borrow for a limited period, this type of credit differs from the calibrated loans such as a revolving credit or a personal loan where the borrowed amount may be repaid in monthly installments . Unfortunately, this is not possible with the advance or the mini loan, you have to repay the total amount within the agreed period.

Credit without payslip

So you don’t have a payslip, because you have a benefit, but still want to take out a loan in whatever form. There are various solutions for this, such as asking a friend or family member to act as guarantor, if the person who guarantees you has sufficient income and is creditworthy, the lender will probably respond positively to your application.

Note that you must be able to pay off in a normal way, you may not get in trouble because of the credit. As long as you pay off neatly and on time, the credit will continue until the end and you will probably be able to apply for a loan more easily afterwards. However, if you do not pay on time, the lender can go to the guarantor and claim the entire amount in one go, of course this is not nice for those, so try to prevent this at all times.

Apply with your partner

Apply with your partner

Another way to still be able to borrow with a benefit is to have your partner sign with you, this has the advantage that the two incomes are added together and you are more likely to have a higher loan amount anyway. If you live together, your partner will have few problems with this and the loan can be repaid jointly in good consultation.

Here, however, there is a risk that if the relationship is broken, you will both be stuck with a loan and since one of the applicants has a benefit, splitting the amount will not prove to be an easy task either, since the lender no longer knows whether you can pay off on time and in total.

Why not borrow with a benefit

Why not borrow with a benefit

You could say that a benefit provides a lot more security than an income that you get from an employer. An employer can go bankrupt and the chance that a payment agency goes bankrupt is a lot smaller than impossible. It is simply the case that lenders look at it differently, perhaps an idea which is outdated, but unfortunately still applies today.

More information about borrowing money

First you have to check with yourself if you actually need a loan. Perhaps it would be wiser to start saving a little first and to take out a loan for the small amount of money you need to make your purchase. Don’t forget that you are tied to a revolving credit and a personal loan for years.

This is not the case with a mini loan, you will be rid of it within a maximum of 45 days. For more information about borrowing money, you can also take a look at the Bunder website, where you will find a lot of information about this tricky topic.

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